Learning Photography From Scratch

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About This Series

Great photographs are rarely made by themselves. Luckily Chris Orwig, a Sony Artisan, will teach you all that you need to know to start creating fantastic images. Starting with the camera itself, then on to the lenses, and finally how to connect with your subjects, Chris breaks it all down for us is an easy, fun way. He will show you how to photograph an individual, a couple, sports/action work, and how to capture nice landscapes for those time you are in a new city.

Things that are covered in this series:

A look at cameras and lenses

An explanation of exposure and how to get it right

Creating the right composition for your image

Photographing landscapes

Capturing great sports and action shots

Working with and directing your subject, including one subject and a couple together

Chris Orwig

Chris Orwig is a California based best-selling author, teacher and photographer. His down-to-earth and approachable style makes learning difficult topics a breeze. He speaks on creativity and photography frequently and has been invited to speak for companies like Google, Adobe and on the TEDx stage. Whether shooting photographs, speaking, or writ...