Foundations of Studio Lighting

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About This Series

Don’t be afraid of studio lighting! Tony Corbell teaches you everything you need to get started so you can shoot anywhere. In this series Tony will teach you all about light, starting with the source itself and go all the way through to how to modify it and where to place it.

Things that are covered in this series:

The origins of portrait lighting.

How highlights and shadows create depth and dimension in photography.

Light sources, both strobes and continuous.

Light modifiers.

Three different demonstration episodes, where Tony works with a student one on one to create three different lighting setups and looks.

Tony Corbell

To say that Tony Corbell has had an interesting career is an understatement. In his more than 38 years, he has photographed some of the most recognized faces including three US presidents, world leaders at the United Nations, fashion models, celebrities, three NASA astronauts and a lot more.  From his beginnings in a small west Texas town, he has...