Breaking into Commercial Photography

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About This Series

The journey to becoming a commercial photographer starts here. Dan Brouillette walks you through the steps to start your career. From establishing yourself and your point of view, to creating work and building a portfolio, after watching this series you will have a solid grasp on what it takes to start out as a commercial photographer.

Things that are covered in this series:

Creating content for yourself

Establishing your market

Determining your point of view as a photographer

Creating a printed portfolio

What to think about when creating a digital portfolio

Take a look at Dan’s personal portfolio and his thought process behind it

Dan Brouillette

Dan Brouillette is a commercial and editorial portrait photographer from Omaha, NE. Dan utilizes unique lighting styles to give his images a cinematic feel some of which he learned in his years assisting celebrity photographers in New York City.  He has worked with commercial clients such as Chevrolet, First National Bank, Carhartt, Minnesota Vik...