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About This Series

Connecting with your clients during a boudoir session is key. Watch one of the world's leading boudoir instructors, Jen Rozenbaum, and see how she does it. With a few simple lessons she will show you how to make any boudoir session a success.

Things that are covered in this series:

An introduction to boudoir photography

Can men shoot boudoir?

A look at gear that works well for boudoir

Location and where to find them

A look at wardrobe and styling. Things to have and things NOT to have

An overview of how Jen handles hair and makeup

Five shooting episodes where Jen shows you how she works with and poses five different women

Jen Rozenbaum

Jen Rozenbaum embraces her femininity while allowing women to embrace their own.  By daring her clients to shed their clothes, they begin to shed their inhibitions.  In the last nine years, Jen has found a burgeoning audience in the intimate photography market and is now sharing her shamelessly feminine movement with women worldwide. She pro...